The role of parents in young child’s sucess of online learning

First online music class may seem daunting for kids as well as parents since art subjects traditionally take place in a hands-on classroom and real interaction needed. However, Covid-19 has gradually transformed traditional classrooms all over the world into online classrooms, here is how parents could start off with a little preparation and be ready can maximize sucess for your childs while staying-at-home:

How to prepare successfully for your childs?

  • Help your childs access to take a tour of how an online classroomlooks like: It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with how classes are organized at your school so that you can easily navigate through your classes once they begin. If you are having a hard time to kickstart, don’t hesitate to contact your teachers for help you access the resource! 
  • Supporting your childs to access with video content/style, support material, production phase, distribution medium, social media, gamification concept, make sure these contents are appropriate and provided by a trustful source
  • Supervising your childs to access with digital content as “a home coach”: try activating your role of a teacher 
  • Set the regular schedule and the achievable goals of learning for your childs: online learning can be easy to quit since it needs high commitment of self-regulation. However, this can be overcome by a regular schedule with the realistic goals of learning. 
  • Keeping up your childs progress in collaboration with their teachers and receiving feedbacks. 

Hien Nguyen – PG Dip- Educational Leadership at The University of Auckland, New Zealand


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