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After 2 months of seeking a place to study music for my daughters, I finally breathed a sigh of relief. From the unsatisfaction of group class learning at another music center, at FLY ART SCHOOL I chose one-on-one class. There are so many reasons for me to satisfy as FLY teacher: Ms. Quynh follow the progress of her pupils, she also knows her personality to help her progress in the lesson. There is a great transforming within my daughter: From the shy little girl to the highly motivated to learn everything thanks to process of learning music. I am very happy that I can sit down and talk to her teacher about the future and everything will help my daughter go further in life. Thanks FLY Teachers and the principal Ms.Hien for having created a very good and beautiful environment for the children. Thank you FLY ART SCHOOL. Hope FLY will be strong and grow further in the future. ”

Sharing of Ms. Tram, parent of student Pham Nhuong Quynh Anh

Parent of Pham Nhuong Quynh Anh

“My kid studied at Fly Art School from the beginning and so far, I am very satisfied with the method as well as the professionalism f the teachers at school. Although the age of the teachers is very young, mainly students of conservatory but they all have professional training and high enthusiasm. We look forward to the continued expansion of Fly Art School in the near future!”

Sharing of Ms. Vinh, parent Tran Nguyen Gia Bao

Parent of Tran Nguyen Gia Bao

Parent of Tran Nguyen Gia Bao

“Fly Art School is different from other schools in that it’s not just a music school, it’s also an inspirational place where love for great sounds and melodies could be found. I say so because I found Fly Art School provide students a professional environment, with professional and thoughtful teachers.
That deepness of teachers lies in the ability to understand students, grasp the musical thinking to guide them carefully. That insight lies on refining each note, each finger technique, how the learner describes the soul of a musical work, or even a valuable note in such work.
Hopefully, everyone who comes to Fly Art School will find something different here, to develop themselves, or simply to add love to the music.”

Sharing of Doan Minh Trang, “older” student at FLY ART SCHOOL

Doan Minh Trang

Doan Minh Trang


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1. Class for young children

  • KICK (Aged 3.5-6) – Contact for more info
  • GET (Aged 6 -10)  – Contact for more info
  • SET (Aged 8-10)   – Contact for more info 
  • FLY (Aged 10+)    – Contact for more info 

2. Class for adults 

  • 30-min class – Contact for more info 
  • 45-min class – Contact for more info 
  • 60-min class – Contact for more info 



1. Class for young children – Contact for more info

2. Class for adults – Contact for more info



1. Class for young children – Contact for more info

2. Class for adults – Contact for more info


Piano: Contact for more info

Vocal: Contact for more info

Guitar: Contact for more info


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