About us

FLY ART SCHOOL is a music education program that facilitates children’s development of self-confidence, self-expression, emotional control through interactive activities with music. In addition to offering teaching course and organizing performing music, FLY also organizes a number of school counseling and life skills training activities for children.

For the community, FLY also regularly organizes fundraising activities and teaches at disability schools, organizes music events for community.

Over the past 4 years of development, FLY has been working hard to nurture musical talents, build a friendly, effective and qualified educational environment.

FLY Concert

Our mission

"Make your wishes come true" is the mission that FLY always carry. FLY is always ready to unleash the hidden power of each student through the process of learning music.

Our team

Advisory Board

Great music family

Our highly-qualified team will provide students with a great musical experience through their professional teaching methods and performance experience.

Giáo viên

We are different!

FLY teaching team are constantly striving to innovate teaching methods, instruct students on how to approach music individually according to the needs and abilities of each individual.

Perform with

Our students

We will update our student’s performance info and schedule soon

At FLY ART SCHOOL, we regularly organize musical and performance events for our students.